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  • We specialise in mirrors, photo frames, photo albums, wall art, and clocks. Within these product niches, we can meet all requirements and specifications.

  • All products are made to order with our carefully selected production partners and are subject to Minimum Order Values and Minimum Order Quantities. Innova Décor specialises in adapting the minimum volumes and values to our customers depending on requirements, capabilities and chosen products. Apart from delivering full containers, we also ship palletised orders, if required.

  • The lead time depends on whether the product is new or already established. For a repeat order of an established product, the waiting time from receipt of the order until the goods are ready to ship from an overseas port is 45-60 days. For new products, the same lead time can be extended to 75-90 days, depending on the complexity of the product. If we deliver to your warehouse via sea freight, you can expect to add another 35-45 days, depending on warehouse location.

  • The short answer is No. We have a considerable production network of over 100 factories overseas, and all of Innova’s products are bespoke to each customer. We develop and produce tens of thousands of different models and designs. For this reason, Innova Décor does not have a traditional catalogue. Instead, we have a conversation with each customer to identify priorities and what they want to achieve. After that, we create highly tailored proposals that are directly relevant to each business.

  • Innova Décor does not have an official price list, as each customer's production is unique. Once we have learned the details of our customer's requirements, we will send official quotations, product photos, and all logistical data for review.

  • Most consignments are shipped Freight On Board (FOB) via a main China port. Innova has a network of freight forwarders, allowing us to offer competitive prices for goods delivered to your dedicated warehouse. This allows us to ship Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or other preferred Inco terms.

    Part of Innova Décor's service is the ability to ship singular consignments of mixed products and items produced at different production sites; the aim is to offer maximum flexibility and achieve the most efficient and suitable production for our customers.

  • Based on our customer's requirements, all products are made-to-order and delivered in containerised shipments from China. We do not have a catalogue or showroom. 

  • No, Innova Décor no longer holds stock domestically or sells/drops ships from a UK warehouse. All products are made to order in China and delivered in containerised shipments to customer destinations.

  • The majority of Innova Décor's supply originates from China. A continuous sourcing process is taking place across most regions of China, with over 100 active production partners, to ensure we can improve and maintain our ability to make genuinely competitive and tailor-made items adapted to each customer's unique requirements.

  • Innova Décor was incorporated over 30 years ago and we have supplied over 50 countries globally. As we ship products directly from our manufacturing partners in China, we can supply any country. We currently have our largest presence in the UK, EU, EEA, and the Middle East.

  • Innova Décor operates in China and the UK, with its head office in Surrey, UK.

  • The process is very straightforward! Once products and designs have been agreed upon, we finalise an agreement on delivery and terms. When this is concluded, we will require a basic form to be completed to set up your account.

  • To achieve the most meaningful consultation for you, we first need to learn more about your business and priorities. Email us at or ring our UK Head Office, and we will discuss the next steps with you!

  • There is a sample approval process for new product developments before mass production. All Innova products come with a quality guarantee and consumer warranties.

Frequently asked questions 

Frequently asked questions are listed below. If you can't find the answer here, don't hesitate to contact us.

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