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We’re growing and looking for the best people to join our innovative team.

Contact us with your CV and cover letter today.

Working at
Innova Décor

Do what you love and have a fabulous time doing it. We're a small team of engaging, motivated, and energised go-getters committed to continual learning and professional development. 

We foster a flexible and positive work environment with kind, transparent and thoughtful leadership. Here, you'll work with industry experts and pioneers who have proven experience in supplying and procuring first-class products.


At Innova Décor, everyone is human - not merely a colleague. We consider inclusion not only a value but also a verb: it is a choice we make each day. It is essential always to be inquisitive, listen without judgment, and ask for help.

We thrive on the strategic and tactical challenge it takes to assure the availability of exciting and relevant home décor products for global brands and emerging businesses.

Ashford, Middlesex, United Kingdom


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